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Novosibirsk, Russia

Association of Artists “SIBERIAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY” / SWS Russia
in collaboration with the Gallery “Collezione Privata” invites you to participate in the Third Siberian watercolor salon "World of Amazonia", which will be held from September 01, 2020 to October 01, 2020 in Novosibirsk.

To participate in the exhibition are invited artists over 18 years of age who paint with water-soluble paints on paper.
Watercolor technique should be dominant in the performance of work. Minor use of additional water-based techniques and materials is allowed.
The work must be executed on watercolor paper, with a size of 38x56 in horizontal or vertical arrangement.
Larger watercolors are accepted for an additional fee, in each case, the amount of the contribution is calculated separately, depending on the size.

In 2020, we invite all artists to participate, regardless of the place of residence and the region of creativity!
Welcome to Siberia!

Participation in the exhibition will be based on competitive selection.
Artists who have passed the competitive selection receive an invitation to participate in the exhibition and the watercolor contest for prizes from sponsors.
The winner of the first stage receives the main prize - free participation in the exhibition, an art prize from sponsors, a printed version of the catalog, and a certificate.

The second stage will be held among the exhibitors from August 01 to September 01.
Announcement of the winners of the competition and the presentation of prizes will be held at the grand opening in the Gallery “Collezione Privata”.

Mauri Virtanen (Quito, Ecuador), Representative IWS Ecuador
Galina Shargina (St. Petersburg, Russia), Representative IWS Russia
Kustova Anastasia, (Moscow, Russia)
Karnushina Irina, (Novosibirsk, Russia), member of the Union of Artists,
SWS Victoriya Baturina, (Limassol, Cyprus), member of the Union of Artists,
Gallery “Collezione Privata”

Repost the poster of the exhibition in the story with the mark of the organizers: Association of Artists “SIBERIAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY”, @collezione_privata Gallery “Collezione Privata”.
Post your work on social networks Instagram or Facebook with a hashtag #amazonia_watercolor until July 20, 2020.

Complete the publication with personal and catalog data:
• author
• Country, city
• title of artwork
• size of artwork
• art technique
• year of creation
• email address for feedback

The competition accepts images of good quality (300 dpi), without frames, mat and any additional elements in the frame, written over the past two years.
You can submit up to five paintings for competitive selection. No more than three works from one author will be selected.

Not accepted:
• copies, quotes of paintings by famous masters
• stories written in the process of teaching watercolor lessons or marathons
• educational, student work
• works participating in the First or Second Siberian Watercolor Salons.
• not relevant to the subject, size, regulation
• digital artwork, watercolors using additional digital effects and filters.

Theme of the exposition:
Discover in your paintings all the beauty of this incredible nature!
Wild and plants, animals and insects of unprecedented beauty, traditions and culture of the inhabitants of the Amazon!
Birds or butterflies, white Amazonian dolphins or exotic flowers - what will be your inspiration?
Express all the delight of impressions of this wonderful world in your watercolors!

June 20, 2020
Beginning of competitive selection.

July 20, 2020
Completion of the competitive selection.
Announcement and publication of the results of competitive selection.
Announcement of the winner of the competition for the main prize - free participation in the exhibition.

Acceptance of artwork (originals):
July 20 - August 20
For delivery questions, contact the organizer:

Beginning of the exhibition:
September 01, 2020 Grand opening:
September 03, 2020

Contribution for participation in the exhibition:
3000 Р / 50 $
2500 Р for SWS Russia members
Association of Artists “SIBERIAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY” The fee includes:
Placing one painting at an exhibition in the gallery Gallery “Collezione Privata”, Novosibirsk, Russia.
Framing artwork, publishing an electronic version of the catalog, advertising support for events in the media and social networks, diplomas from SWS Russia and Gallery “Collezione Privata” to all participants.

The participation of each additional work (a maximum of three):
from 1500 Р / 25 $, depending on the size with placement in the gallery and catalog. Deadline for paying exhibition fees: until August 01, 2020.

Payment Method PayPal:
Transfer of artworks to the exhibition and back: at the expense of the participants.
Postage of the printed version of diplomas, catalogs, prizes, in case of winning: at the expense of the participants.

Exhibition CATALOG:
Every year, the Siberian Watercolor Salon is accompanied by the publication of a catalog.
Each exhibitor will receive an online version. The cost of a printed copy: 1500 Р / 25 $.
The glossy illustrated publication includes information about participants, partners, the organizers of the exhibition.

You can order a catalog at: with a letter marked "catalog".

Applications for the catalog are accepted until August 01, 2020.
Applications are accepted on a prepaid basis at PayPal

Please attach a payment receipt to the application.

All watercolors presented at the exhibition must be authorized for sale.
The cost is determined by the author. 20% of the cost of artwork will be withdrawn as an agency fee of SWS Russia.
The names of works with prices are indicated by each participant in the Questionnaire of the exhibitor.

All artists who have passed the competitive selection receive a Participant Form to the email address.
All paintings sent to the exhibition must be signed on the reverse side: Name / Technique / Author / Year of creation / Country, City.

Organizers have the right to publish watercolors of participants indicating their authorship in order to promote the event.

Organizers are not responsible for the condition and safety of work at the time of shipment by postal agents.

Each artist can independently arrange insurance for the period of the exhibition.

Additional events within the framework of the Salon will be reported as information on the epidemiological situation becomes available.

Traditionally, during the annual Siberian Watercolor Salon there are many demonstrations, workshops and meetings.
Dear artists, if you plan to hold an event, including online, inform us at the email address

*In the case of continued restriction and isolation, the exhibition will be held online, with the release of an online catalog for

all participants and the placement of works with a story about artists on the pages of the Gallery and the Association.
The cost of participation in the online format of the exhibition, including the electronic catalog and certificate: 2000 Р / 30 $.

Art-Sponsors and partners:
WINSOR & NEWTON Fine Art materials
ROUBLOFF manufacturer of high-quality brushes for artists in Russia since 1988 MAXGOODZ manufacturer of notebooks, sketchbooks and creative accessories JJ HANDCRAFTED WATERCOLOR Handmade watercolor
IWS ECUADOR International watercolor community, branch in Ecuador IWS RUSSIA international watercolor community, branch in Russia SABA Russian Botanical Artists

Exhibition curator:
Natalia Popova, Head of Association of Artists “SIBERIAN WATERCOLOR SOCIETY”

For participation, partnership, cooperation:
tel .: +7 913 987 3676 (w/app, sms, telegram)

Gallery “Collezione Privata”
+ 7 (383) 222-00-21
+ 7-953-861-5937