Russia, Siberia, 2020
AquaZoom international Watercolour Festival from July 10 to August 9, 2020

registration of the application until may 20, 2020,
17 +, watercolor, 2015-2020


Russia, far East, Komsomolsk-on-Amur
MUC "Museum of Fine Arts"
Regulations of the First International Watercolor Festival "AquaZoom"

The first International Watercolor Festival "AquaZoom" is a large exhibition project in the Russian Far East. It will take place in Komsomolsk-on-Amur from July,10th to August,9th, 2020.

The purpose of the Festival is to create conditions for the development and popularization of watercolor art, to conserve cultural heritage.

The Festival has the following objectives:
- support and promotion of watercolor art in the Far East, Russia and abroad;
- making creative contacts between participants and improving their professional level during communication and experience exchange;
- discovery of new names, support and promotion of talented artists;
- capturing broad public's attention to the watercolor art;
- introducing highly artistic works of the modern watercolor art to the audience;
- creating a unified cultural space for further events aimed at the promotion of watercolors and fine art in general.

The festival is held with the support of International Watercolor Society IWS RUSSA, "Russian Union of Artists" (Khabarovsk Department, Komsomolsk-on-Amur Department), "Russian Academy of Folk Art", "Union of Folk Art Artists", Culture Department of administration in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and in cooperation with "Museum of Fine Arts" in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

Terms and conditions of participation in the Festival:
● Painters in watercolours over the age of seventeen (17+) are invited to participate
● The subject is free
● Only original author's works made in watercolours on paper dated from 2015 to 2020 are accepted. Works from masterclasses, copies and interpretations of other people's works are not accepted for consideration

To participate in the Festival the artist must send a letter to the organizers by email: from April, 12-th to May, 20-th, 2020
Email subject: AquaZoom2020

A letter-request for participation should consist of the following files.
The first file: a Microsoft Word document,
filename: Information_author's full name. It must contain the following information:
last name, first name, patronymic;
date, month, year of birth;
country, postal address with postal code;
membership in creative unions and organizations;
honorary titles, if any;
the name of the work(s) with the full catalogue data;

if wished state the possibility of holding during the Festival:
● masterclass (theme, expected date),
● creative meeting (theme, expected date)

The second file: a photo of the participant in JPG format 1-3MB (file name: full name of the author).
The third and next files: photos of works (5 works – 5 separate files). The image must not exceed 3 MB with a resolution of at least 300DPI, 1000 pixels on the smallest side in JPG format.

Filename: country_author_workname_year_ size

Note! The image must contain only a photo of the work itself without a passé-partout, background, etc. Maximum 5 works by one author. Maximum size of the original works is 30*40 cm.

An application letter with incomplete information is not considered.
By submitting a letter-request for participation in the Festival, you automatically agree to the use of your work's images for promotional purposes of the Festival.

The organizing committee reviews the submitted material. According to the results of the selection, if the decision is positive, the participant receives an email notification on May, 21st, 2020.

The registration fee for foreign participants of the Festival is 2500 rubles (regardless of the number of selected works). It includes catalogue printing and work framing.

Works selected for participation in the main exhibition of the Festival must be sent in the period from May, 21st to June,10th, 2020, at the latest. Delivery of works is carried out at the expense of participants by the postal service "from door to door", i.e. the works must be delivered by courier to the final recipient at the address: 681000 Russia, Khabarovsk Region, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Mira Ave., 16, "Museum of Fine Arts", marked Festival "AquaZoom".

Send your works in a package suitable for there-and-back mailing.

All works on the reverse side must have the author's signature in the form: full name (without abbreviations), year of birth, name of the work, year of work creation, material, size, place of the author's residence.

Original works must not differ from the photo sent for selection (otherwise the work will be disqualified). At the end of the Festival, the works will be sent to the authors by Russian post paid on delivery.

The organizers are not responsible for damage to works on the way from the author to the Festival and back.

The Festival organizers have the right to make changes and additions to the "Regulations on holding the First international Watercolor Festival "Aquazoom"."

Terms and conditions of participation in the Contest.

As part of the festival "Aquazoom", a contest for the best work will be held. The competent jury will determine the Winners and Laureates of the contest in the following categories:
1. Landscape
2. Architecture
3. Portrait
4. Still life
5. Fauna and Pets
6. Flora and flowers
7. Waters
8. Hyperrealistic picture
9. Work on the history, life and national traditions of the indigenous people of the Far East
10. Thematic composition
11. Abstract composition Evaluation criteria:
● Originality of the creative idea.
● Compositional integrity, color and tonal solution.
● Technical and performing skills.

Note. The design of the submitted images will also play a role in the judging process. The decision of the jury is final and cannot be reviewed.
The following works are not allowed to participate in the contest:
● works that violate social norms accepted in the country where the competition is held;
● works on political topics;
● works that offend religious feelings and personality;

The decision of the organizing Committee regarding the above exceptions is final and is not subject for discussion.

To participate in the contest just add the word "contest" in the subject of the application letter. Example: AquaZoom2020contest

And in the third and next files add the Contest category to the file name. Example: COUNTRY_AUTHOR_WORKNAME_YEAR_SIZE_STILL-LIFE

By participating in the contest, authors who will become winners and laureates automatically agree to donate their works to the organizers of the Festival. Based on the project, a collection of works will be created, which will be available for further travelling exhibitions, cultural events, auctions and presentations.

All participants receive a diploma of the Contest participant and a catalogue.

The authors of the best works in the categories receive a diploma of the laureate, the winners receive a diploma of the winner, a catalogue and valuable gifts. Special diplomas will also be presented from the jury members to the authors they liked best and about whom they expressed a desire to write a short essay.

Organizing Committee of the Festival:

The organizing Committee coordinates the preparation and performance of the Festival, approves the exhibition committee and the jury, conducts business correspondence with participants; organizes archiving of Festival materials for the preparation of the catalogue; deals with organizational, financial and logistical issues of the exhibition, including attracting sponsors and volunteers; organizes an advertising campaign; has the right to include additional events into the programme, change the form and timing of exhibition events, cancel them partially and in general; determines the general exhibitional decision of the exhibition; performs other activities within the framework of this Regulation.

Contacts: all questions send to the address
Facebook: AquaZoom